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Segment: IT
Industry:  Teknologi
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Slået op: 01.09.2021

DevOps and Tools Developer

Full time / Capax Recruitment / Danmark

GN Hearing is one of the world’s largest manufactures of hearing aids. They focus on innovative hearing solutions that combine innovative thinking and design with solid technology based on deep audiological insight and understanding of hearing aid users. Our employees are committed to making a difference and are constantly striving to develop better solutions to help people rediscover hearing – enabling them to live rich, active, and fulfilling lives.

At GN’s headquarters in Ballerup, you will join the ‘DevOps and framework’ department who is a part of Research & Development. The department services and assists 100 developers, who make firmware for hearing aids and apps.

The department is international, well-structured, and works based on SAFe’s agile principles. It consists of two scrum-teams. One of the teams focuses on connected apps, where the other team focuses on hearing aids. Currently, we are working on creating more synergies between the two scrum teams. Together they form a department of 11 skilled DevOps experts, who enjoy an open and honest dialogue.

This entails participating in building and testing infrastructure. You will be working with technologies like Jenkins, Artifactory, TFS/Azure DevOps, and Git. Our programming is primarily done in C#, so you must have solid knowledge and experience programming in C#.

You will be working with continuous integration to ensure agile development and software quality. We work in scrum teams and in sprints within the SAFe framework. It will be an advantage if you see yourself as an evangelist in continuous integration.

If you have several years of experience, we might also consider a more senior role in defining the requirements for the tools and the infrastructure. However, regardless of your level of experience, you should expect to work with and ensure the quality of the infrastructure.

You must have an interest in the embedded software and can collaborate efficiently with other colleagues. Furthermore, it will be valued that you aren’t afraid to ask hard questions and think outside the box.
In the team, there is a DevOps and quality assurance mindset, because it is our responsibility to deliver the best infrastructure and tools to the software developers.

In this role you will take part in the implementation of our infrastructure and systems that support the development of GN hearing aids, so they can ensure the best product to the end-user.

Your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Build and test infrastructure
  • Build and implement automated solutions
  • Maintain tools and infrastructure
  • Ensure the quality of the infrastructure
  • Support and coaching for the software developers

Technical experience
It is imperative that you:

  • Have experience with C# programming
  • Have solid knowledge of embedded development and embedded operating
  • Have a quality assurance mindset
  • Thinks of yourself as an evangelist in continuous integration
  • Have some experience and an interest in Scrum
  • Have an understanding of scripting in Python, DCL, Groovy or similar
  • Have experience with testing and architecture
  • Have experience with tools like Jenkins, Artifactory, Git, Azure DevOps/TFS, or similar