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Slået op: 22.06.2022

Lead Cloud D365 BC

Full time / Capax Recruitment / Danmark

DXC Eclipse

Eclipse Northern Europe is a separate managed Nordic business unit within DXC focusing on Microsoft Dynamics and especially on delivering D365 and BC Solutions for the following industries; retail, manufacturing, utility, service and wholesale.
The full business area is employing approximately 100 Business Central/NAV specialists including Managers and is thus a part of a bigger D365 Business Unit. The business area is based in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and supported by a near shore setup in Poland.

DXC Eclipse’s business extends DXC’s position as a leading global systems integrator for Microsoft Dynamics and their leadership as a Microsoft Dynamics D365 BC systems integrator, greatly enhancing the ability to address client needs in the Nordic region and globally.

The position as Lead Architect will be based at one of DXC Eclipse’s offices in Denmark. Moreover, you should expect shorter travel activities within the Nordic region (but mostly in Denmark).
Also, DXC Eclipse works with a “Virtual First” set-up with a maximum of two days a week in the office. The rest of the week you will be working either from home or on-site at the customer(s).

Introduction to the position

As Lead Architect you will be working in a Nordic community where you will be collaborating with colleagues from both Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
You will be a part of an Eclipse business area focusing on the manufacturing and wholesale industry where you will pay all your attention towards customers in which are looking for a Business Central based solution for their business utilizing D365 BizzApps and Azure.

More specifically, in the role as Lead Architect you will focus on pre-selling and project deliveries with different solutions to be implemented, where you will be part of the process from A-Z.

In the beginning of each project, you will participate in the sales meeting with the customer. If a contract is signed, you will be responsible for the scoping and analyzes, where you – in collaboration with a consultant from the team – will conduct a fit/gap analysis based on DXC Eclipse’s Business Process Models. From thereon, you and the project manager will define the scope of the project. Thus, you will be responsible for the overall technical vision where you aim at creating the best solution together with the most appropriate technical architecture in which meet the costumer’s need and ensures business process flows.

Additionally, you will simultaneously participate in sprint meetings with the client and be a part of the project until the very end, even though you might only be responsible for 5-10% of the implementation, as the rest has been delegated to the team while you have made sure to set the direction and provide best practices. Going forward you will have a crucial role in motivating the team, sharing knowledge and learning them about the industry.

Technical experience

  • 10-15 years of experience within more than one of the current roles: Solution Architect/Solution Responsible/Functional Solution Architect/Senior Solution Architect/Lead Solution Architect/Senior Consultant
  • Broad experience with 15-20+ larger implementations (= 500-1000 hours pr. project)
  • Having implementation experience with relevant 3rd party products for manufacturing companies using BC as ERP and good broad knowledge of the relevance on the market (profiles with solely retail industry experience will not be the right fit for this role)
  • Knowledge of all parts of the Business Central
  • Experience in working in a Microsoft partner company or in a user company
  • Understands production, manufacturing and whole seller businesses including their end-to-end flows
  • Seems like an opportunity to familiarize yourself with a strong add-on project module in D365BC – or alternatively know about it already