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Slået op: 09.08.2022

Software Engineer

Full time / Capax Recruitment / Danmark

PowerMart is a Danish energy trading house founded in 2014. Their focus is on proprietary trading, and they operate in all major markets across Europe. Their team consists of dedicated and competitive traders with extensive experience within both power and gas.

A well-established network of partners throughout Europe provides PowerMart with the margin they need to deliver successful results, and cutting-edge and solid software solutions to optimize their operational procedures which allow their trading team to focus on what they do best: buying and selling at the right time.

PowerMart loves the competitiveness in the energy trading business, where they are competing against the best. PowerMart succeeds because they bring their personalities into play, and they believe in freedom, responsibility, and team spirit.

The Team
PowerMart consist of a small, but dedicated and skillful team, with software engineers, analysts, and a dedicated in-house IT-support department. PowerMart builds and operates most of their core software in-house and rely on professional software engineering practices to ensure reliability and performance.
As a Software Engineer you will experience a flat structure with lots of room for new ideas and an environment of freedom, responsibility, and team spirit. There is a strong emphasis on cooperation, learning from and trusting each other. The work model is hybrid, flexibility is key, and they focus on creating the optimal balance between work and private life. The department is characterized by young, culturally diverse, dedicated, eager-to-learn employees with around 3-5 years of experience and backgrounds within computer science, statistics and econometrics. The whole team is a social bunch, and everyone enjoys chatting over their monitors about work, technology, gaming, sports, family or the world. 
The Position

As a Software Engineer at PowerMart you will become a part of the Software Engineering & IT team, where your job is to supply critical tools and infrastructure to support all aspects of the business – from traders on the floor across accounting and middle office to the back-office services which provide the data foundation of the company. Software engineering tasks at PowerMart range from gathering, processing and distilling data from a multitude of sources, to implementing fast, automated trading systems to augment the manual trading done at PowerMart.

Your responsibilities in the role

For this role you will be working on several different projects such as semi-algorithmic trading (auto-trading), data cleaning and updating as well as elementary business and economic practices.

Technologies (roughly in order of priority):
  • Back-end .NET development
  • Interaction and dialogue with users: PowerMart traders
  • Automation, CI and CD usind Docker and Github Actions
  • Frontend development using .NET Blazor
  • Optionally, python development to support the PowerMart analytics team
PowerMart is looking for
For this position there are no specific educational requirements, yet it is an advantage if you have a background in engineering, computer science or similar. It is a requirement that you have experience with C#/.NET (Core and Framework) and are fluent in English, both spoken and written. Danish is an advantage but not a requirement.
Some of the most important qualitites PowerMart is looking for in their future colleague are curiosity, drive and a passion for technology. You will have great opportunities to test out new ideas and help shape the direction of the company on their scale-up journey.